Growlers & Growlito's!

2li Growlers & 1li Growlito’s are a great, low-impact way to take home a brewery-fresh fill of whatever’s on tap at the brewery store. The line-up of cores, seasonals and one-offs is always changing so check back often.

Here’s the deal:

Step 1: Bring down your rinsed/unchipped Garrison growler & we’ll swap it for a clean & sanitized one.Don’t have one? Pick up a 2li growler for $10 ($8 return deposit) or 1li growlito for $6 ($4 return deposit) & you’re set! We’ve also got wicked insulated stainless growlers in various colours so come check ’em out.

Step 2: Fill fresh off the taps with Garrison-goodness! $12-$15 for growlers/ $6.50-$8 for growlito’s. We’ll even fill other brewery jugs but they gotta be clean.

Step 3: Take home and enjoy! Always best drank fresh, the beer is fine for a week after filling and 36hrs after opening.

Step 4: After finishing, rinse out your jug, let drip dry and don’t put the cap back on.

Step 5: Repeat! (we won’t get tired of seeing you!)

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